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Backend and Devops Developer

EngineeringNew York, United States of AmericaFull TimeUSD 43K 104K

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Job Descriptions

We are looking for a senior backend and devops developer with a proven track record of developing backend services and implementing devops pipelines using Amazon Web Services with tools such as CircleCI, bitrise and the Serverless framework. As we are a small, but growing team you will be responsible for the maintenance and support of existing backend features as well as planning and scoping new feature additions and iterations. *This is an incredible opportunity to be deeply involved in building and launching a product in a growing industry for a well established company with strong brand name recognition.

Our tech stack we using are:

We use ReactJS Client Side and NodeJS on Server side. We also use Gatsby.js on our Landing Page. We also implement a docker on all project that we handle.

What you'll be working on:

Maxwell's equations—the foundation of classical electromagnetism—describe light as a wave that moves with a characteristic velocity. The modern view is that light needs no medium of transmission, but Maxwell and his contemporaries were convinced that light waves were propagated in a medium, analogous to sound propagating in air, and ripples propagating on the surface of a pond. This hypothetical medium was called the luminiferous aether, at rest relative to the "fixed stars" and through which the Earth moves. Fresnel's partial ether dragging hypothesis ruled out the measurement of first-order (v/c) effects, and although observations of second-order effects (v2/c2) were possible in principle, Maxwell thought they were too small to be detected with then-current technology.

In special relativity, one considers Einstein's cabins, cabins that fall freely in a gravitational field. According to Einstein's thought experiment, a man in such a cabin experiences (to a good approximation) no gravity and therefore the cabin is an approximate inertial frame. However, one has to assume that the size of the cabin is sufficiently small so that the gravitational field is approximately parallel in its interior. This can greatly reduce the sizes of such approximate frames, in comparison to Newtonian frames. For example, an artificial satellite orbiting around earth can be viewed as a cabin. However, reasonably sensitive instruments would detect "microgravity" in such a situation because the "lines of force" of the Earth's gravitational field converge.

This role is for you if:

You understand how the AWS suite of products is structured, and can show experience writing fully tested scalable code using relevant AWS products and services. You understand API architecture, and can take a data model and translate it into reusable and flexible components. You enjoy shipping clean, readable and reusable code. You are comfortable working on a distributed team spread across time zones and cultures. You are excited to use technology to have a positive impact in the world as a whole, and in an intimate way for each individual.

Bonus Points for:

  • Experience with Node.js

  • Experience with data architecture

  • Experience with CRM integration and lead/customer nurturing

  • Experience with the Transcendental Meditation® organization, meditation, or some form of healthy living

XYZ Company is for you if:

We place real importance on diversity and we strive to ensure all of our team feel included and can bring their whole selves to work. We also know that this work is never ‘done’ or complete.

If you feel that you may not have all the skills and experience to apply? Please do consider applying, even if you think you fit only 50% of the Skills and Qualifications outlined above.


Our pay levels are set according to a formula combining median market rates with a discount on market rate of a certain percentage due to our non-profit status, and taking into account your cost of living due to where you are based (where MFI splits any saving due to cost of living adjustments with you).

We take the issue of equitable pay very seriously, and we apply our pay formula to all workers who work 80% or more of full time hours with us.

Working with XYZ Company

XYZ Company is made up of a small, distributed team with the thrilling task of leveraging modern technology to bring about growth and greater efficiency in the long standing, global Transcendental Meditation® organization. We have the great privilege to be able to innovate with considerable freedom while working closely with the leadership of the organization.


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Makati City, Philippines

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20+ employees


$5 to $10 billion (USD) per year



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